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Sofia Platform gives you access to the latest analysis and tools
that will allow you to make the best investment decisions.

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Sofia Platform Token

Our Timeline


June 27

TGE1 Announcement

Launch of the Sofia Platform promotional website and white-paper.
December 15

Launch Preparation

White paper is finalised and preparation for launch began.
August 10

Team Assembled

A team of highly skilled specialist in the field of finance and computing is assembled.
March 3


The idea for Sofia Platform started to take shape.


Our Team

Sohrab Tellaie

Co-founder & CEO

5+ years of cryptocurrency investment experience, early Bitcoin, ETH, Neo invester, cryptocurrency market expert, has followed the market and it's trends since the early inception. 2+ years at Consensys Solutions as senior software consulting in financial derivatives sector, clients include GS, MS, JPM, ADIA, etc.

Flavio Gomes

Co-founder & CTO

3+ Senior Consultant at Merkle developing personalised marketing solutions, inbound and outbound marketing capabilities across a range of industries. including RBS, British Airways and Vodafone. Extensive experience in Java & Solidity.

Beezhan Rostaqi


8+ years as Senior Director at Consensys Solutions, a fintech company operating and specialised in financial derivatives. 3+ years as a Risk Analyst at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, in the financial derivatives Risk team, responsible for analysing margin and leverage risk on client portfolios for hedgefunds and financial institutions. BSc in Physics from Imperial college London. MSc in Corporate Finance from Liverpool University.

Eraj Rostaqi


10+ Years of equity, Multi-asset class & FX investment experience. Graduate of Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Graduate Scheme and holds an Economic degree from Warwick University. Co-head of Morgan Stanley PWM Multi-asset class team, managing over $3bn in discretionary investment.

Mazdak Sorosh

Chief Data Scientist

10+ years as Lead Aerospace Engineer, working on various military and commercial projects, including A400M, A380 and A350 designs. Involved in research on flight readiness of UAV. BSc in Aerospace Engineering from University of Manchester. MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University.

Our advisors

Karl Sooman


Founder and CEO of Consensys Solutions, a fintech company operating in financial derivatives field, since 2009. Chief architecture and Designer of the full suite of products offered by Consensys. Expert in Java, Oracle, and SQL. Previously, working for UBS investment bank, in ETD area, specialising in commissions and fees for exchange traded derivatives. Graduated with masters degree in Physics, from Imperial College London.

Johan Hertz


Senior software developer with 15 years’ experience in full stack development. Expert in every stage of application development from design to delivering and maintaining a finished product. Worked as a project manager on several projects that delivered tailored and innovative solutions to business across a variety of industries. Strong engineering and computer science background with on focus processing logic and algorithms.

Matthew Lotz


Director at Consensys Solutions, in charge of strategic development activities and managing sales for the Americas. Consultant with Morgan Stanley, responsible for a variety of project oversight responsibilities specific to the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) integration. Held position within the Transaction Cost Efficiency group in Lehman Brothers, focusing on the Firms’ listed derivative business and driving efficiency efforts to reduce costs and improve profit margins. Consultant with Accenture within their Capital Markets practice worked on a variety of technology focused projects across a number of large global banks where they identified opportunities for and implemented straight through processing to improving transaction times. B.S. in Economics and Finance from Bentley University.

René Hartmann


Seasoned procurement professional with 10+ years' international experience having worked across a wide range of business verticals and diverse set of spend categories. Specialized in cost optimisation and sourcing strategies and negotiations. Managing +200m Euro in logistics spend for Novo Nordisk.

Token & Funding


Our Token Distribution Model

10% of the SFX tokens go on sale during the TGE1.

20% is given to core team with a 3 year cliff vesting schedule.

1st year = 0%

2st year = 0%

3st year = 100%

10% for partnership opportunities with a 3 year graded vesting schedule.

1st year = 33%

2st year = 66%

3st year = 100%

60% is used in the subsequent TGE's.


Our Platform

Weekly Report preview

Investors' Interests

For our token holders, there will be weekly, monthly report and analysis, each providing you with a unique insight from our in-house financial experts into direction of cryptocurrencies and the world’s reaction to it.

We want you to be able to access the latest data and news wherever and whenever you need it.

We aim to deliver this through a system of bots.

Sofia News Channel

Sofia News Channel will bring you the latest news from the most reliable news sources handpicked by our in-house financial experts. We use our own proprietary news algorithm to bring you the latest news on cryptocurrencies the minute it is available. Along with the latest analysis and reports written by us.

Sofia Analytics

Sofia Analyst bot will put access, to all the latest market data, at the tip of your fingers. Our users will be able to ask for the latest prices from or the exchange of your choice. You’ll be also able to request the latest information on the market sentiments, arbitrage opportunities, news, and much more on the specific crypto currency of your choice.

Sofia Platform Bots

Sofia Stat bot will bring the latest prices from, percentage increase or decrease for your favourite crypto through intuitive command system which can be used one to one or many to one, integrated into your favourite crypto channel.

Brief description of the website

The goal for Roadmap 1.0 is a website which contains all the latest from the Sofia News & Analytics. In addition to that, we aim to build a simple and fast coin market tracker which will allow our users to quickly and efficiently keep track of their favourite coins and the latest related news.

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